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Welcome to BECAP Management Consulting, where we firmly believe that effective collaboration among leaders and teams, coupled with the realization of their full potential, leads to outstanding business results.

In my role as the Founder and Managing Director, I leverage my diverse professional and personal experiences to support the growth of our clients. Our approach seamlessly integrates extensive business consultancy experience, PhD-level academic rigor, psychology practice, and cross-cultural expertise to design and deliver services tailored to address our clients' unique needs.

We are dedicated to providing personalized and unwavering support to help our clients unlock their individual and team potential, enabling their businesses to thrive. Our methodology involves adopting an individualized approach to understand our clients' specific needs, assisting them in embracing a new, broader, and more helpful perspective, and guiding the development of the skills and practices necessary to fulfill their potential.

Having successfully coached and facilitated workshops for several hundred senior managers, we have witnessed the transformative power of improved performance, enhanced collaboration, and a renewed sense of purpose. At BeCap Management Consulting, we recognize that organizations are comprised of individuals with motivations, aspirations, and needs—a critical aspect that is often overlooked.

If you are seeking personalized and effective support to help you and your team reach your full potential, do not hesitate to contact us. We are devoted to assisting our clients in succeeding in their careers and businesses

Dr. Ben Capell [BIO]

BECAP founder and Managing Director

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